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Jonathan J Dorn reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

My son's been going here for about 6 months now. He really enjoys it. They keep all the important Essentials and are well-rounded teaching Karate. I would refer anybody here.

Jillian Dawson reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

I looked into signing up for Krav Maga in December and didn't get the nerve to take the class until June. If you're thinking of checking it out, do it! I leave every class already looking forward to the next. The instructors are so knowledgeable and patient and are great with checking in on everyone to have one-on-one time during our practice. I initially took this class looking to feel safer in my line of work and I've left with so much more self-confidence and belief in myself. Feeling 100% in the moment during class is so valuable to me during my crazy hectic life. There are enough classes throughout the week to fit it into your schedule and believe me, you'll want to make it a priority.

Jayda Ekholm reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

I have been incredibly impressed with Karate America! They hold my son to a level of excellence and respect but make class so fun and exciting he wants to be there.

Tyler Higginson reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

This is an excellent place for your kids and for adults to learn core values in life such as respect, attitude, honesty, and confidence. The teachers are dynamic with their students and truly promote an atmosphere of excellence.

Summer Ennis reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

We have been absolutely amazed with the quality of this program! We have been part of Karate America for a year now and it is no longer just a program we do, it's a part of our family and becoming a natural part of our life! We look forward to coming and truly enjoy the relationships established. KA Neenah is very blessed to have such an amazing, professional staff.

Debbie Frels Wilson reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

Great all around! Instructors, classes, content...all fantastic. Karate America feels like family and my son has not only learned to be more disciplined, he loves the sport of it.

Lisa Johnson reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

Our son spent one hour here for the sparring event and loved it! We enjoyed everything about this place, from the comfortable, spacious atmosphere and most importantly...the instructors were very, very welcoming, informative, and amazing with the kids!!

Chris Gilles reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

Had my 7 year olds birthday party here on Saturday. It was a blast! All the kids had so much fun and Mr. Ellenbecker was superb with the kids. It was an overall excellent experience and will more than likely be signing both my boys up for some lessons.

Becka Gundlach reviewed Karate America
via Facebook

I recently started taking the Krav Maga class because of a one month promotional offer. I am continuing the class because of the hard work, dedication, and knowledge that is possessed by everyone of the teachers I have had the privilege of getting to know. I highly recommend Karate America for anyone interested in physical fitness, discipline, camaraderie, fun, and self-defense. Time and money well invested.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Your New Family Activity: Martial Arts

April 2nd is Family Day, and it’s the ideal time to talk about how to find family activities. If you have kids of different ages, then you know how challenging it can be to find things to do as a group. What excites your 10-year-old daughter is likely to bore your 7-year-old son – and vice versa.

There’s one exception that we know of – and that’s taking martial arts classes! Studying martial arts is fun for people of all ages. It’s a great way to learn something new, get in shape, and discover common ground with the people who matter most to you. Here are some of the best reasons to study martial arts as a family.

#1: Making Exercise a Priority is Good for Everyone
People with kids sometimes struggle to make time in their busy schedules for exercise. And, a lot of kids would be content to spend their days sitting in front of a video game or television.
The solution? Signing the whole family up to study martial arts! As parents, you’ll be setting a good example by practicing what you preach about exercise. Kids will have a chance to burn off some of the excess energy they have, and the whole family can improve their health by getting regular workouts.

#2: Finding Common Ground Will Bring You Closer
When you do things together as a family, you build strong bonds that bring you closer. Even though you and your kids will be in separate classes, we think martial arts still qualifies as a group activity because you’ll all be pursuing similar goals.

In your free time, you’ll be able to talk about what you’ve learned. You may decide to practice together as a family – and you can attend competitions or go see the latest martial arts movie together. These things can all help you find common ground with one another.

#3: Learning the Five Tenets Improves Interpersonal Relationships
The five tenets of martial arts are the core of what you’ll learn in class – and they go far beyond the physical movements you’ll be working to master. In fact, practicing self-control, courtesy, and persistence will help you in every area of your life.

Families who study martial arts together find that their ability to focus on what’s important improves as a result. You’ll all learn to be aware of each other’s needs and to respect one another. Those are important lessons for kids, siblings, and parents.

#4: Studying Martial Arts is Fun
Anything you’re going to do as a family should be fun – and martial arts classes are! A good martial arts class is a social event combined with a great workout. You’ll get a boost of feel-good hormones after class and the whole family will be smiling.

Kids who might balk at doing a “boring” family activity will look forward to learning how to execute perfects kicks and punches or break a board with their fist. You won’t have to worry about whether the whole family will enjoy studying martial arts – they will!

Studying martial arts as a family can help you come together across the generations – and it’s a great way to carve some family time out of your busy lives.
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